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Strategic plan

Beneficiaries of the Egyptian Cure bank

The beneficiaries of the Egyptian Cure bank are patients who are unable to afford their treatment. And it's unable to cover his income for his treatment costs and he can't manage those costs. That is, the Egyptian healing bank serves all segments of the Egyptian society that are not covered by health insurance or covered by coverage and is unable to cover the rest of therapy or who cannot get full treatment from any other health coverage.

How does the Egyptian Cure bank verify that the patient can't afford to treat it?

By studying the social patient's condition by the association or the civil institution that follows him, the Egyptian Food Bank benefits from associations covering all the governorates of Egypt, with which their performance, efficiency and capacity have been assessed. Then a field review by the recovery bank specialists is followed to ensure that the study is accurate, that the patient needs and that he can't get all treatment through other health coverage.

How did the Egyptian Cure bank serve?

    NGOs or institutions:
  • It works in all provinces to study the social situation of the patient, using the experience and information pillar of the Egyptian Food Bank on accredited associations and institutions in all governorates of Egypt, which are in place and with which it has been working, coordinated, and evaluated, its performance, efficiency and capacity.
    Health Service Providers:
  • And that's in cooperation with hospitals, clinics, clinics, pharmacies, analytical labs, radiation centers, pharmaceutical companies and medical supplies. E.g. in providing their services or products free or devalued, and the Egyptian Cure bank pays that value.

Steps of Recovery

    The steps of recovery include the following elements:
  • Medical detection
  • Analysis
  • Radiology
  • Medicine
  • Surgical operations
  • Medical supplies
  • Hospital costs
  • Doctor Fees

?How to deal with these steps

Cooperation with doctors at private clinics, hospitals, labs, radiology centers, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies in providing their services or products is made by one of the following options:
  • For Free
  • Reduced prices
  • Normal prices
  • The Egyptian Cure bank shall bear any expenses or costs during these steps.