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Egyptian Cure Bank targets Menoufia Governorate, Ashmon Center, as part of the plan to spread medical convoys all over the Republic

Mr. Mohamed Farghal, Executive Director of the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation, confirmed that targeting Menoufia Governorate within the plan to spread the convoys of the Egyptian Cure Bank came based on research and studies carried out by the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation team to measure the needs of the people of the region for the medical support provided to them, and after conducting studies and research, it was confirmed to us that the people of the Ramlet Al-Anjab area need an ophthalmology convoy due to the large number of ophthalmology problems spread among the people of the region. Hence, the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation coordinated with Dar Al-Oyoun Hospital to communicate with the people of the village and conduct the necessary medical examination, analyzes and surgeries free of charge for patients who are unable to do so in the area of Ramlet Al-Anjab, Ashmoun Center, Menoufia Governorate. Indeed, medical coverage was detected and made on all cases that are unable in the region and dispensed treatment free of charge to them and limited patients whose condition requires surgery so that the bank covers all operations for free, as the number of patients reached 500 patients who were examined and more than 300 medical glasses were dispensed to patients with visual impairment and more than 100 surgeries were performed for patients whose condition required surgical intervention. For his part, His Excellency stressed that the medical convoys system within the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation is proceeding in a professional manner in choosing the areas in which the medical convoys are worked, as well as the cases benefiting from the medical convoys, which are required to be unable to bear the expenses of treatment, and concluded by saying that all these policies followed is a guarantee to direct the donations of good people who put their trust in the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation, and without them, this large number of medical convoys and service would not have been accomplished. Such a huge amount of cases.