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Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation celebrates Orphan's Day at Festival

Mrs. Abeer Wafai, Director of Marketing and Resource Development Department at the Egyptian Cure Bank, stressed the Foundation's interest in the need to celebrate the Orphan's Day as their right to us, and explained that the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation celebrates orphans not only on April 1, but the Healing Bank celebrates them throughout the year by providing health services in a professional manner for them (rays - analysis - detection - disbursement of free treatment and surgeries), as the bank always bears the trust of the donor who trusted the team of Cure Bank To serve all segments of society who are unable to afford the cost of treatment, pointing out that it is an imposition and a duty on us, the orphan is the one who lost his parents and his future became ambiguous, and from here comes the role of the Egyptian Cure Bank Foundation to take care of the health aspect for them to be able to face the difficulties of life and on the other hand they achieve the bank's goal, which is production, the Egyptian Healing Bank is always looking for providing a decent life through treatment for productionThe care of orphaned children needs to focus on the psychological aspect of them, and from this point on, the Egyptian Healing Bank celebrated orphans on April 1 by participating in the festival, which was held in the family garden to get closer to orphans and support the psychological aspect of them and as a kind of social cohesion recommended by our true religion, where the day of celebration was an opportunity for everyone to meet and the fusion of groups of society as a whole so that the orphan does not feel alone to face the difficulties of life. She concluded by saying that the bank is happy to join this great celebration and wishes the participation of good people in the Foundation's celebration throughout the year of orphans by volunteering and donating to the bank's programs that serve all unable patients.